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  • * What is microfiber?
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  • Microfiber is a superior, innovative, chemical free, hypoallergenic textile for cleaning.
  • It is 100times thinner than the thickness of human hair.
  • It is made of polyester 80% and nylon(polyamide) 20%.
  • * Why does microfiber clean so well?
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  • Microfiber cloth incredibly enhances cleaning abilities when compared with gauze, tissue, or other cleaning materials.
  • Micro powder-like touch
  • microfiber has soft and delicate micro powder-like touch.
  • Better absorbing property
  • Absorbing property of microfiber has been improved by capillary effect through voids between polyester and nylon formed after splitting, thus microfiber is suitable for wiping cloths application.
  • Easy care : machine washable
  • microfiber is machine washable, and has excellent fastness.
  • [ Cross-section of Microfiber, before and after splitting ]
  • After Caustic treament, Microfiber becomes splitted into an Orange type of 0.25dpf.
  • * What is benefit of microfiber cleaning cloth?
  • It lifts dirt particles, oily film and hairs from the surface.
  • It removes grease and oily film without chemicals so it is environmentally safe.
  • It leaves no scratches or lint behind so it can be used safely on any surface
  • It absorbs water much more than ordinary fiber
  • It quickly dries out after washing
  • It is used repeatedly and last long time
  • * USE of the microfiber cleaning cloth
  • To clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera & telescopic lenses, mobile phone, CDs, LCD, electronic appliance,
  • furniture, jewelry, crystal goods, tableware, window, floor, musical instruments, automobile interiors & exteriors,
  • industrial cleaner, sports towel, facial towel, pet towel etc.
  • How to use it effecively and how to wash it?
  • It can be used dry for dusting and polishing, or slightly dampened with only water for cleaning, with or without the aid of chemical cleansers.
  • Machine wash or hand wash is available in warm water. Don't use bleach, softner.